Repair request

If you meet a problem on your garment, we are for your listening. Our department « AFTER-SALES SERVICE » will quickly answer you.

Attention, we do not take into account the requests of repair for articles bought in store, thank you for moving closer to your retailer who will make a 1st diagnosis with you and if necessary will contact us.

This page concerns only the customers having ordered our products:
- By our technical salesman (customized clothes, club)
- By the online shop of (private individual and retailer) and

If your request of repair is accepted either that we need the garment to analyze it, you will receive a voucher of return allowing you to send your article free of charge at our address (only in France)

If the product is repairable but what the guarantee expired or what the repair does not cover the damage, we can propose you an estimation of the cost of the repair. 

Do not forget to join a copy of your request of repair in your parcel.

If an article was worn, he must be cleaned before return for the repair. Assure that it is completely dry before packing it.
All the worn, not washed clothes will be sent back, including accessories.

From reception of your item, we shall handle your repair quickly. Note however that the return of your article can be made under 4 weeks. If for any reason, a repair is not possible, our Customer service will get in touch with you.

Guarantee of the YKK zip
Because we select materials and quality accessories to create your clothes, we can offer you a unique guarantee on the zip. In case of breakage of this one, Poli makes a commitment to repair it free of charge during 1 year from its purchase date and spreads this guarantee in 2 years for the products of the Premium. The products of the Repons range do not enter the guarantee.

Lint, how limit the premature wear of your holding?
Because of continuous frictions, certain cycling shorts can present cuddly lints at the level of the crotch, inside thighs or at the level of the gluteus. Most of the time, this wear of the technical fabric is bound for the product and cannot be taken care by the guarantee. By following some small advice, it is possible to warn this premature wear.

The saddle is the component mainly in touch with the cycling shorts. The choice and the regulation of the saddle thus has its importance.
A too soft saddle for example risks to compress strongly the perineum. If it is badly adjusted in height, she can also provoke a friction exaggerated on the cycling shorts and even entail more or less grave hurts at the cyclist. The appearance of lints can thus be a forerunner of problems which can become serious at the cyclist. It is useful to consult a bicycle shop who will know how to recommend an adapted saddle and proceed to its regulation. A posturale study led by a professional also allows to erase certain errors of harmful positions for the cyclist or its equipment.

Well maintain to last well
To protect a technical fabric, it is also advisable to take care on its imaintenance.

Velcros is particularly dangerous. If you place a pair of gloves in a washing machine with your clothes of bike, take care of leaving velcros closed not to damage the rest of the clothes. For some more of safety, you can turn your linen before washing it. Also make sure not to leave an object in your pockets. Finally, use a washing powder without optical whitener and avoid using a fabric softener during the wash of your dress.

IMPORTANT: For specific terms and conditions relating to refunds / exchanges / returns of Poli custom gear under the Consumer Law inside the country, please contact your local distributor by clicking here