For Clubs & Associations

Welcome to our Frequently Asked Questions for Clubs & Associations ! This is where we answer the most common questions in order to provide you with clear and useful information.

Having your outfit fully personalized involves creating a model (Mock-up) specific to each person. Who says personalization, also says digital printing in sheets, sublimation, then personalized printing for each order.

To keep our prices competitive and accessible to everyone, small budgets, small and large clubs, we ask for a minimum of 10 pieces per product group “tops” and “bottoms" clothes.

  • For example, for the “tops clothes” group, you can order 4 short-sleeved jerseys + 3 long-sleeved jerseys + 2 thermal jackets + 1 windbreaker. This makes a total of 10 “tops”.
  • Another example, for the “bottoms clothes” group, you can order 4 men’s shorts + 2 women’s shorts + 1 women’s tights + 3 men’s tights. That makes a total of 10 pieces in this “bottoms” group.

We do not require any minimum per model but an increase applies below 5 identical pieces.

You have an unlimited number of possible colors on your model.

Our technical sales representatives are there to support you in your project. Do not hesitate to contact the manager of your sector and request a quote. He will be able to advise you, study every detail with you, precisely quantify your request and offer you the best solution. Our prices include design fees (Mock-up).

We understand that every club has its specific needs when it comes to customizing outfits, whether for cycling, triathlon, trail running, athletics, running, rowing or cross-country skiing. This is why we are here to help you make your personalization project a reality.

So that our graphic designers can work on your design, we ask for an amount of 150 euros including tax in advance, but rest assured, these costs will be deducted from you when you order products, from a minimum of 10 pieces.

Several possibilities are available to you to create your club outfit design :

- You have the freedom to draw freely using our sketches available on each item sheet.

- You discuss directly with your dedicated sales representative what you want and the latter will refine your request and transmit the information directly to our team of graphic designers

You will then receive a mock-up that you can adjust according to your preferences (three fixes included). Do not forget to provide us with your initial request with your logos in illustrator format (.ai) or in high resolution (300dpi minimum). We're here to bring your personalized club outfit ideas to life, so let us design your outfits, and we'll take care of the rest!

To guarantee the optimal choice of size for your personalized clothing, POLI offers a size guide specific to each product, accessible directly on each product sheet, as well as a general. Size table

However, aware that there is no universal guide and that cuts vary from one manufacturer to another, we offer clubs and associations an additional service : sending size trial samples. This service is free for orders of more than 10 items, with a deposit of €20 per item which will be refunded upon return.

In mainland France, return costs are covered by POLI (Outside France, only return costs are the responsibility of the customer - Be careful to ask your sector manager if possible because depending on the country and customs this is not is not always the case).

Please note, this step is essential, because once your personalized garment has been created, it cannot be exchanged for another size like an in-stock product purchased online.

To receive your sample pack, please send us an email with the list of desired products and sizes.

Upon receipt and acceptance of this, two payment methods are available to you:

A payment by credit card via a secure online payment link that we send to you

Either send a deposit check by mail, for the amount of the entire sample order (€20 per item). 2/Fiche peau S-TRI 2_2.jpgWe are proud to offer you a complete and diverse range of skins to meet all your needs. Whether you are a passionate hobbyist, a seasoned professional, or simply looking for the best quality, our assortment of skins is designed to satisfy the highest demands.

View our skin guide and discover our entire range below

A personalized garment is unique, which is why we begin production upon receipt of a deposit equivalent to 30% of the order. (Regarding export for administrative reasons, it is preferable to check with your sector agent what has been agreed.) Upon receipt of the latter and even before your agreement on the graphics, we adjust our purchases of materials from suppliers, we begin to cut certain fabrics from your clothes. Once the proof is validated by you, we print the previously cut fabrics. This allows us to deliver to you as soon as possible The balance of your order is payable before delivery.

Depending on the deadlines, 5 to 10 weeks are necessary to create your personalized outfits after validation of your proof. You are always informed of the delivery time before placing your order. In order for you to be delivered as quickly as possible, we advise you to do so early enough. Before starting production, several steps are necessary: validation of the quote, adjustment of the size, creation of the model, etc. The day you validate your model, you will receive an email with the estimated delivery date. When your order is ready, our shipping department will contact you to arrange a delivery day. For delivery in France, packages are sent mainly by the carriers France Express, Chronopost (delivery within 24 hours) and by La Poste in Colissimo with tracking (delivery within 48 hours). Delivery is free from €3,500 excluding tax. For international deliveries, packages are mainly shipped by DHL (delivery time varies depending on the destination country, contact your contact for this time). As soon as your packages leave, the transport company will send you a tracking email.

Restocking from 1 piece for 12 months!

We know that you regularly have new members in your club. To do this, we offer a restocking service for your personalized outfits for 12 months (from the validation of your order).

Restocking is possible individually in digital printing.

Product prices remain identical to the initial order from 3 pieces per reference (+15% for restockings of 1 or 2 pieces per reference).

If you encounter a problem with one of your garments, we are here to listen to you, the POLI after-sales service is at your disposal to quickly respond to your problems.


 In order to best process your request, some useful information:

1 year warranty: POLI after-sales service covers returns and repairs* of your clothes for 1 year from the order. After this period, we can offer you a paid repair.

Paid Repair: In the event that the product is repairable but the warranty has expired or the repair is not covered, we can offer you a repair at your expense. If this solution suits you, the quality department will offer you an estimate of the cost of the repair.

Wear and Pilling: Normal wear and pilling are not covered by our warranty.

Cleaning: If the item has been worn, it must be cleaned before returning it to us for repair. Make sure it is completely dry before packing it. Worn and unwashed clothing will be returned to you, including accessories.


If all of the above criteria are met, simply make your request via our online form and fill in the following information:

Details of the problem encountered and the reference of your product

Photos of said problem

The number associated with the order of your defective item

Your contact details (Last name - First name - Address - Telephone - Email)

If your repair request is accepted or if we need to analyze your garment, you will receive a return slip which will allow you to ship your item free of charge to our address (valid only in France).


As soon as we receive a repair request, we strive to provide you with the best response to process your repair as quickly as possible. However, please note that the returns process may take up to 4 weeks.

In the case of restarting the manufacturing of your item, the same production times apply.

If, for any reason, a repair is not possible, our Customer Service will contact you.

Your satisfaction is our priority, we do everything we can to resolve your problems quickly and efficiently.


Discover all our tips for best maintaining your POLI products and maximizing their longevity!

In order to best preserve your clothes, and to avoid damaging the fibers of your POLI clothing, here are some tips:

- We recommend that you do not mix your POLI garment with other garments (especially garments with Velcro fasteners which could get caught and damage the fabric of your POLI garment).

- Remember to close the various zippers or other hooks on your POLI clothing, to prevent them from getting caught on other pieces of fabric.

- Choose a gentle detergent, suitable for synthetic fabrics. And above all, ban fabric softeners when washing your POLI clothes because they directly attack the technical fibers of your products. Choose washing cycles designed to wash delicate textiles, as well as a washing program with a maximum temperature of 30° or hand washing in cold water.

- We strongly advise against ironing your POLI clothes or putting them in your dryer, as this could cause considerable and irreversible damage to your POLI clothes.

We have a catalog of more than 150 customizable products + options from 10 pieces.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to send us a message via the contact form.

For a specific partnership linked to a club, an association, or a region, please contact the technical sales representative in your locality.

For a specific partnership at the national level, please send us a file by email to the Sponsoring and Partnerships Department by clicking here.

For any other request for collaboration and partnership, please send an email to the Communication Department by clicking here. Our communications department will be happy to evaluate your project.

In France, we have several exclusive representatives for the POLI brand. They are trained to explain how to personalize your club outfits, they are available and present at many sporting events near you.

We also have some resellers who work closely with the regional representative, to find out more please contact us.

Internationally, we work with distributors or agents including the following list. To become a distributor, please contact our export manager Nadège Richard on +33(0)7 45 00 41 57 or by email